About Me

December 19th, 2009

I was born and raised in Middletown, New York.  Middletown is about an hour north of NYC, depending on how you drive (Yes, I have a lead foot and speed limits are relative).  I grew up one block from the Orange County Fairgrounds.  I went to college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where everyone assumed that New York = NYC.  I suffered through many years of stupid questions, such as, “Have you ever seen a tree?” and “Have you ever seen a cow?”  No one ever believed me that a dairy farm was across the street from my elementary school.

After college, I worked for the University Police Department (where I discovered the magical internets in March, 1993) for a while.

I made my first website shortly after Geocities (now dead) appeared.  My site was in the “Athens” area somewhere.  It had many, crappy versions until I learned just enough HTML code to be dangerous.  Eventually, we ported everything over to Gereth.net and the site has been here ever since.

I moved back and forth between New York and Nebraska several times, with a side year in North Carolina.  People really liked golf down there.  In all that moving, I got married, traveled the world, and returned to Nebraska.

I now live in the Scottsbluff, Nebraska.  It’s a bit out of the way of anything, but it’s nice and quiet and I don’t have to worry about the hustle and bustle of big cities anymore.

I still miss not being able to eat Dunkin’ Donuts’ bavarian creme donuts, real pizza (sorry, Papa Murphy’s is far from proper pizza), and Indian food (particularly Chicken Korma) on a regular basis.

In all this, I managed to find time to write a novel called, The Gaven.  I’m working on two other projects while continuing a regular job in the Gering Public School system and writing a blog that covers privacy and civil rights issues called Loss of Privacy.

All this keeps me busy and I forget, quite often, to reply to my personal emails.  If you want to know more, keep reading my blog here and have a look around at the numerous photos that Paul and I have taken.

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