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D’Argo is gone

January 21st, 2010 Comments off

I have very sad news today.  D’Argo didn’t come back home last night and I honestly thought he would be sitting at the door, waiting for us when we get home from work.  Instead, Paul and I came home to a note with D’Argo’s collar.  He was struck and killed by a car sometime last night/early this morning.

I have a few more photos to put up of him, when it’s a little easier for me to look at them.  Paul and I are also taking the day off work tomorrow.

In the meantime, please feel free to look at the photos of D’Argo we have put up of him.  I’ll write more details later when I feel up to it.

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In Which I Finally Catch Up: Part II, D’Argo

April 15th, 2009 Comments off

Many of you have already seen the photos that I have taken of D’Argo.  There are a few more I will upload soon.  He is doing well.  Last week, he weighed 13 pounds.  He’s almost fully grown now.  He’s also quite the hellion.  He attacks anything that moves.  This is normal for a cat, however, D’Argo likes to hang on when you try to move away.  So, as you walk away from him, he is latched onto your leg.  This is different from a small child because a small child does not dig their claws and teeth into you as you try to get away.

He also will not drink like a normal cat.  He drinks with his paws.  He dips them into the water and then licks the water off his paws.  Nothing we do can change this.  He is just a strange cat.

D’Argo also found my supply of tissue paper last night.  It’s all over the house now.  It’s his house now.  If he can reach it, grab it, or find it, it’s his to play with.

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The Kitten Saga Part II

November 28th, 2008 Comments off

We did get the kitten.  We named him D’Argo.  If you know us well enough, you’ll understand why.  We got him a week ago and all has gone well, so far.

D’Argo’s pads are healing well.  They were definitely burned.  We just don’t know what burned them.  We also took him to the vet to get a health checkup.  No surprise that he had a parasite, which resulted in lots of diarrhea.  We have had to give him some oral medicine to take care of that, so no big worries there.  His claws were ripped out, by who, we don’t know.  So, for now, he has to be an indoor cat because he has no way to defend himself.  We hope his claws grow back, but we will have to wait and see.  For now, because his feet still hurt, we have to use shredded paper in the litter box.  This is not too bad as we had lots of shredding to do and a teacher at work gave me three garbage bags of shredded paper.  So, physically, he is doing fine and healing.

As for the rest, well, D’Argo is your typical kitten.  He’s feisty.  He always wants to attack your feet, hands, and anything else that moves.  He tries to scratch the couch even without claws and we’ve had to resort to putting him in the “naughty room” (downstairs bathroom) for five minutes.  He has learned quickly that, if he goes in there, he’s been bad.  This is the only bad behavior we’ve had to deal with so far.

I’ve already taken the step of buying some cheap PVC pipe at Home Depot for the computer cords and tucked as many other cords as I can behind the computer desk, out of D’Argo’s reach.  I also tucked my laptop cord behind the couch.  Since the couch is flush against the wall, there’s isn’t really a way for him to get at it.  I still haven’t figured out what to do with the cords behind the TV, but, for now, he is leaving those alone.  He doesn’t seem to be interested in cords unless they are moving.  Then he wants to chew on them.

We also went to Petco, where the folks were extremely nice to us.  With the coupon booklet we got, we saved a ton of cash.  The bill was originally $113, but the coupons brought the total down to $68.  We’re set on food for a while because several of the coupons were for huge discounts on food and the manager also gave us lots of free samples.  Fortunately, D’Argo is not a picky cat.  We have given him five different kinds of food in five days and he’s eaten all of it.  This is good for my wallet because we can pick a quality, all-natural food to stick with permanently that won’t bankrupt us.

Yesterday, we gave him some turkey as a treat.  D’Argo loves turkey and kept coming back and begging for more.  Since we didn’t want more diarrhea, we only gave him a few pieces.  We also gave him a few bites of bacon last week, which he promptly devoured.  Other than that, he’s strictly on kitten food.

D’Argo has also been good staying at home by himself.  He doesn’t destroy things in the house while we’re away.  Then again, kittens sleep 99% of their lives, so there’s not much time for mischief.  As soon as I get my photos sorted, I’ll put up a picture of D’Argo.

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The Kitten Saga, Part I

November 15th, 2008 Comments off

Yesterday, on the way to work Paul and I found a little kitten sitting outside the Freshman Academy.  At first, we thought it was just chilling out by the front door to get out of the vicious winds.  It was also quite cold.  Once Paul got out of the car, the kitten started meowing and tried to get up and walk towards Paul.  I realized that it wasn’t a normal meow.  It was a, “I’m in severe pain” kind of mewing.

The kitten walked towards Paul, favoring one leg, and limping.  When he picked up the kitten, we noticed that all four paws were bloody, he was shaking and shivering, and was malnourished.  The kitten didn’t have any tags on it, so we thought the best thing to do would be to take it to the police department.  There is no ASPCA here, only the Humane Society, which isn’t open at 7am.  Unfortunately, the police department wasn’t open either.  Yeah, that’s what happens when you move to the boondocks.  Everything closes.

So, I took the kitten to work and gave it a pint of milk from the kitchen, which he feverously lapped up.  Since I have breakfast duty every morning at school, I took the kitten to my classroom and used the teacher’s mesh/wired bookcase and a little cage to keep the kitten from running away.  He really couldn’t run too far anyway, on account of his bloody paws.

After breakfast, I took him to the police department and they made a report and then took the cat to the Humane Society.  After work, Paul and I headed out to check on the kitten’s status.  We were mostly concerned that they might put the poor thing out of its misery, in which case, we decided we would take it.

The lady at the Humane Society informed us that, by law, they had to keep the kitten for three business days before they could make any decisions.  We also found out the kitten is about four months old, a male, and that he was in isolation.  They gave him a little bit of food and some water, however, the kitten wouldn’t let anyone touch his feet, so they just put him in isolation to recover a bit.  They also gave him some antibiotics and will attempt to start repairing his paws on Monday.

Because the people at the Humane Society couldn’t get near his paws, they are unsure of his pads were burned completely off or torn off.  They also aren’t sure if he’ll need surgery or antibiotics to repair the pads.  They just wanted to get the little guy comfortable for now before they started poking around on his feet.

So, the kitten is resting comfortably, for now, with the Humane Society.  We might just be getting a kitten at the end of next week.  It’s unlikely that anyone will claim him.  He didn’t have a collar and wasn’t treated very well, so we suspect no one is missing him.  For such a docile little kitty, I don’t understand why anyone would want to hurt it.

We’ll know more, next week, when the Humane Society let’s us know how the little guy’s getting along.

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