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Moving to Linux

August 7th, 2010 2 comments

About a month ago, I had made a comment on slashdot about and old P4 that I have.  It’s just sitting collecting dust as I don’t have the cash to buy any memory for it.  I don’t want to toss the computer, because it shouldn’t be in a landfill.  It should be recycled, but there’s really nowhere around here that could do that.  A generous guy, who just happens to be from New York, sent me several sticks of RAM so I could get the computer up and running.  I now have a computer that I can muck about with as I learn Linux and don’t have to worry about screwing up my other computer when I really need it.

So, I’ve created a new category on my blog called Linux to document my adventures in finally learning Linux.  This is a picture of the memory this nice gentleman sent me and it’s my first step to a whole new world.

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