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This is a collection of items that I like covering atheism.  I’ll update this page as I find more stuff I like.  It’s just easier to put some links here instead of remembering a million bookmarks whenever I want to share things.


Putting faith in its place
Lack of belief in gods

Evid3nc3 has a 13-part series entitled “Why I am no longer a Christian,” which is very good. It runs at about 3.5 hours.

Neil deGrasse Tyson:
The God Of The Gaps

Anything by NonStampCollector

Anything by TheThinkingAtheist

There are no gods, parts 1 and 2.
Religion — The Bad Parent

Science Saved My Soul
Why Didn’t Anybody Tell Me?

Tenacious DNA

New Testament History and Literature from Yale

Thomas Sheehan – Historical Jesus (Stanford available through iTunes U

Bart D. Ehrman – Historical Jesus (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)Christine Hayes – Intro to OT (Yale university)

(Note I’m not sure this is a legal download…) Bart D. Ehrman – From Jesus to Constantine (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)

The Bible Geek with Robert M. Price

NT Pod with Mark Goodacre (Duke Uni)

From Israelite to Jew with Michael Satlow (Brown University)


Wikipedia articles every atheist should know about.


Many random pictures from reddit. If you scroll through the entire post, there are many great quotes, comics, and pictures to enjoy.

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