End of the School Year

The school year is finally over and summer is here! It feels good to know that I do not have to worry about school until August. A whole three months for me 🙂

The last few days of school were a huge waste. Most often, this is always the case, but this year it was even more so. On Monday we got to spend what seemed like most of the school day hiding in the hallway or in the boiler room at school. We got a couple of pretty large storms pass over us, which came with tornado warnings. So no teaching or much of anything else got done.

The thing that always bothers me with the end of a semester or school year is that they always end on a Tuesday or a Wednesday. I do not understand the reasoning behind this. It would have been better to make the last day Friday and then have teachers come in on Monday to clean their rooms and check out. Monday and Tuesday this year were a complete waste of time, but when the powers that be ask for your opinion on the school calendar you just get ignored.

The storms that passed over us on Monday did quite a lot of damage. Irene’s car suffered hail damage and has lots of dents. We were lucky compared to a lot of people who lost windows on both their cars and homes. When we drove past Reganis Auto in Scottsbluff, it looked like their entire inventory of cars had been damaged. There was not a single car or truck on their lot that had not had its windows broken.  In addition, one of the apartment buildings a few blocks from where we live lost its roof. I hope that all those affected carry insurance to repair the damage.

I will have to call Progressive in the coming days to see if Irene’s car is worth repairing. Since the car is ten years old and not worth that much money, the insurance may decide to total the car.  Right now I am just lounging around enjoying the first days of the summer break, the car and pretty much everything else can wait a few days.