Tornado in Scottsbluff!!!

Today was a pretty interesting and scary day. It started out okay, but in the afternoon, the storms arrived along with more big hail (and more hail damage), and the sirens went off for a tornado warning.

Until today, I had never seen a tornado. I have actually always wanted to see one and assumed that, at some point, I would get to see a tornado. The thing was that I never expected to see one pass close to where I live or cause damage in town, but as I looked out of the back window during the storm, I saw a funnel form over Scottsbluff and then head for the ground.

Right now, the NOAA (the government weather service) and the media have not officially said that a tornado passed through town, but I know what I saw and you can see the video that someone has posted on YouTube. Take a look and judge for yourself.