Car Totaled

We took Irene’s car to Greg’s Auto to have it looked at after all the damage it received in the recent storms. As I expected, they totaled, or wrote off, the car. They said it would cost at least $3600 to repair and they appraised the value of the car at $2300 minus our $500 deductible. Since we opted to keep the car, we got a check from them for a little over $1800, which we have put in our savings account. We also went to our insurance agent to change the coverage on the car.

There is little point keeping full coverage on the car if the insurance company has totaled it. We now have the basic coverage which costs less than $150 for six months. Although the car has hail damage, it is not too bad and makes it look like the car has dimples. The paint and bodywork are intact. I think the car will be good for at least another 75,000 miles and that is why we are going to keep it.