So, You Want to Know a Little Bit About Us

Where did the name, Gereth, come from?

The name Gereth comes from the series of Advanced Fighting Fantasy books that Paul reads. Gereth Yaztromo is a good wizard in the book, The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. Paul has been using the alias, Gereth, online since 1992.

Where did you meet?

Online - via ISCA BBS in 1993.
In Real Life - At Newark International Airport on 27 December 1995.

Where Can I Find You?

You can still find Paul on ISCA, though Irene has let her account lapse. We still have our accounts on Data's Lab, but we haven't been there in ages. Irene can't even remember her password there anymore. They have a Facebook group if you're interested in finding out more.

You can also contact us via Instant Messaging. Just email me at irene [at] gereth [dot] net and I'll let you know either my or Paul's account information.

You might also get lucky and find Paul on Facebook.  He doesn't go there often, so it's kind of hit or miss as to whether he is there or not.  Irene is on google+.

You can follow Irene on twitter at one of her three accounts.  Why three?  Because they are used for specific purposes.  She has one for personal posts, one connected to a blog on atheism, and one for her website, Loss of Privacy.

Email remains the best way to track us down.

Emails are:
Irene - irene [at] gereth [dot] net
Paul - paul [at] gereth [dot] net

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