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Irene's unpublished novel, The Gaven, is available to read for free online.  Let her know if it sucks or not (the site and the book).

Irene currently keep two blogs with our friend, Hendrik. They have been online since September, 2006. They are Rantings of a New Yorker and Loss of Privacy . Both of these sites run on donations, whereas Gereth.net does not.

Check out our webshop and buy some stuff. The webshop opened in December 2006. You can buy t-shirts, cards, postcards, bumper stickers, magnets, pins, hats, buttons, and much more.

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is a very worthy cause. Even if you don't donate to them, they will keep you apprised of legal and privacy issues online.

Preston North End is Paul's hometown football club.

My friend, Meinderd, has his own distillery. Kampen Destillateurs has many, specially made liquors and, yes, this is a shameless plug for his business.

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