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Mikumi National Park
Here are the photos from our Safari at Mikumi National Park. We spent three days at the park and took hundreds of photos. We never did get to see a lion, so this photo is as close as I'll ever get.
General Photos Week
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Tanga is a region as well as a city north of Dar Es Salaam and is much quieter and nicer than Dar Es Salaam.
Photos from our two-day trip to the Island of Zanzibar on August 1-2, 2005.
Bagamoyo is north of Dar Es Salaam and used to be a major trading city for slaves, gold, ivory and other items brought from inland.
Kitchen Party
The kitchen party on July 24, 2005
Henna Party
The Henna Party, held at Salma's parent's home on Wednesday July 27, 2005.
Photos from the Wedding on Thursday July 28, 2005
Muslim Reception
Photos from the reception at a mosque in downtown Dar es Salaam on Friday July 29, 2005.
Wedding Reception
The wedding reception photos taken at the Banquet Hall on Saturday July 30, 2005.
National Museum
Photos from the National Museum in Dar Es Salaam.
Village Museum
The village museum is an open air museum that houses several different types of dwellings found throughout Tanzania.
Coke Signs
I just love these signs.  I really wish I could have bought one because they were do cool.
Meinderd's Photos
All the photos that Meinderd took with Hendrik's camera in Tanzania.

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