This is the Massive Photo Page

A large part of is sharing photos with friends and family. Paul and Irene love to travel and love taking photos even more. Just be thankful that they don't put all their photos online.

Irene has tried to make this page easier to navigate. Long time visitors know the old site really sucked and was difficult to sort through.

Irene is most proud of the Tanzania photo page. She designed it herself with only minor help from her friend, Gert.

Unfortunately, our cat, D'Argo, was killed by a vehicle in the early morning of January 21, 2010. We are deeply saddened by these events, but have put up the last photos of him that we have to remember him by.

We also have three cats named Puck, Harvey, and Cinders.  We take far too many photos of them, so  you'd better you like seeing lots of cat photos.

Many of these photo sets takes Irene 2-3 hours to finish. That's the breaks when you take 500+ photos and have to pick out the best 50.

Enjoy and keep checking back as we're sure to be taking more pictures soon.

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