This is Puck, Harvey, and Cinder's Photo Page

This is the page for photos of our cats, Puck, Harvey, and Cinders.

Puck is our Flame Point Siamese cat.  He was rescued by a state trooper, who found him with a broken leg.  Puck's leg was permanently fused in the shape of a hockey stick, hence the name, Puck. Unfortunately, his leg could not be saved and Puck now only has three legs.  You'd never know it the way he runs around the house.

Harvey is a British Bombay cat.  He is named from the TV series Farscape.  Harvey was the name of the neural clone in John Crichton's head.  The idea came from the original Harvey, who was an imaginary six-foot tall rabbit. Harvey was given to Paul by several of his students after they saw how sad he was over the death of D'Argo.  He was from a litter of four and came from a very mean farmer.  

Cinders is a Blue Point Siamese cat.  She does not have any back paws.  Instead, she has calloused stubs, but gets around just fine.  Someone dropped her off at the Humane Society and then ran away. When we got Cinders, her bottom and tail had severe, open sores.  We weren't sure she would ever heal, but she's doing great now.  She's the only cat of the three that is willing to greet people when they come to the house.

We hadn't planned on having three cats until we could afford a house, but that's life.  Paul is a sucker for cute cats.  We believe that both Puck and Harvey were about seven months old when we got them. Cinders is estimated to be between 2 and 5 years old.  We think she is closer to five.  The Humane Society has June 29, 2009 as Puck's birthday, so we're going to stick with that day for all three cats.

Enjoy and don't forget to have a look at our other photos as well.

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