Final Thoughts on Tanzania


After all is said and done, Paul and I really had a good time. Sure, there were times where I wanted to kill people and just really hated a particular day but, that happens to me every day so, just because I'm in another country, I figure, why should that be any different?

I got to meet some really cool people, experience a different culture and discover that, the more I travel, the more I have in common with others. Some things are different, and that's what makes it worthwhile to travel, but it's also reassuring to know that many people are just like me.

I am however, grateful for not having to worry about simple things like running water, clean water, water pressure, hot water, not having power outages and air conditioning.

I will miss being able to watch Isidingo every week. It's a South African soap opera and, well Paul and I got hooked. I can read updates online but it's just not the same. *sighs* It was really geting good too.

I'll also miss all the people, especially all of Salma's family. Collectively, they are the most gracious hosts I have ever had and never felt my "thank yous" were adequate enough for all they did for us. Tanzanians are the most generous and kind hearted people I have ever met and have officially displaced Florence ony my personal list for the nicest people around.

Despite what Paul thinks, I would enjoy going back again. There is still much to see and do in Tanzania that we never got a chance to do. Some was due to financial restrictions and some was due to time considerations.

Tanzania is a country rich in natural resources, from it's people to its land, and seeing more of both is definitely something I would like to experience more of. I'm still not convinced I could live here though. I'm far too attached to life, particularly my internet connection, having constant power, having hot water and water pressure and air conditioning. Still, I can easily handle a month's vacation again. All I need now is to save enough to return again.

Finally, the food. There is so much food to be had there that you can't get here that it's crazy. I loved nearly everything that I tried and I'm just waiting on Salma to give me some recipies for my favorites so I can make them at home. Despite what people say, ugali isn't bad and it shouldn't make you throw up. If it does, then someone didn't make it right and you should try it again. The food is reason enough to return to Tanzania.


I've just spent the last few hours rereading this journal.  I haven't looked at it in several years, but I wanted to fix the spelling errors and take the old coding off and make it match the new website.

I laughed quite a lot at some of the stuff that had, originally, pissed me off.  It's quite hilarious and Hendrik, Salma, Paul, and I have since had quite a few laughs over the entire trip.  In retrospect, all the things that tick you off are funny at a later date.  Just ask Paul about driving in Florence, Italy.

I have also had time to think about it and I do not think I would miss my Internet now as much as I would have four years ago.  I've been online for nearly 17 years and I find that I spend less and less time online than I did in the past.  I still want to return to Tanzania one day and explore the country's interior as well as revisit a few places I saw before.

Fortunately, I got to see Leylad and Anau in June 2009.  They are studying in Dublin and, while we only had one day together, it was still great.  I still miss a lot of the food I had there and Salma's mom's cooking.  All I need is the cash saved to get back there.

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